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From a newly built rowing boat to an extension of an inland vessel up to 63 metres.

The year 1924 was an eventful year for Wim Buitendijk. He then started his own business at the 'Waaltje', a connecting waterway between the Noord and the Oude Maas. So he started building rowing boats that were soon perfected by galvanizing them.

Business was going well. The rowboats were succeeded by vlets. The first open wheelhouse vlet was launched in 1927. This was intended for the Roeiers Vereeniging Eendracht (RVE). The RVE was a major client. For example, in 1937 a communication boat had to be built of 15 x 3 meters, equipped with an 8 cylinder 85 hp Kromhout. In September 1939 this boat was requisitioned for the Ministry of War on behalf of Potonniers der Genie.

Orders were also booked from the Belgian Rowers.

After the war, in 1947, Buitendijk decided to buy a new location on the North, to continue building and expanding there. In addition to new construction of rowing boats and vlets, repair work was also carried out.

Until today, repairs and new construction on existing hulls have mainly been carried out.

1924 The first Rowboats


1937 Communication boat (15 x 3 metres) with an 8 cylinder 85 hp Kromhout.


1954 Bill 14 May This bill was found during the move of the de Bruyn family – ms Seolto.


1970 Pilot boat In 1970 a pilot boat was built. This boat went to sea to receive the incoming seagoing ships and to get the papers in order.


2006 Shortening This was carried out riveted.